Spanda Sculpture - Elizabeth Quay, Perth

Spanda Sculpture - 3D Scan  @media print { .ms-editor-squiggler { display:none !important; } } .ms-editor-squiggler { all: initial; display: block !important; height: 0px !important; width: 0px !important; } Masterfully situated at The Landing, Elizabeth Quay, Spanda is the unmissable 29-metre-high sculpture by Australian born artist and sculp...
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Why you should be adopting the point cloud cloud

You might be asking – What is the point cloud cloud?  At Point Share Plus, we view it as an online system supplying on-demand storage, visualisation, analysis, and collaboration of mass 3D spatial data.Research shows overwhelming evidence, that in the coming decade, there will be significant advance in technology, this is not unexpected but al...
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Hand-held Mobile Mapping Technology

Hand-held mobile mapping using SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) based technology is a highly effective way to capture and map the world around you. Using SLAM technology makes it possible to simply walk through an environment and build a digital map as you go, saving time and money and can be over 10-times faster at acquiring data than ...
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They are all just data taxis...but there is a catch.

If you have ever spent any time researching laser scanning, you have probably come across the ubiquitous argument about which laser scanner is best. This one for short-range, that for long, this is the fastest, the cheapest, the best bang for your buck, and then, in amongst all of that, there are the diehards, the brand champions, it is their brand...
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Uncovering underwater seabed features

Multi-beam Echo Sounders   A multi-beam echosounder (MBES) is a device typically used by hydrographic surveyors to determine the depth of water and the nature of the seabed. MBES systems emit acoustic waves in a fan shape beneath the transceiver and is often referred to as swathe bathymetry. The swathe from a MBES allows large areas of se...
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