You should be adopting the point cloud cloud


What is the point cloud cloud? 

 At Point Share Plus, we view it as an online platform providing facility for on-demand storage, visualisation, analytics and collaboration of mass 3D spatial data.

Research says that in the coming decade there will be significant advance in technology, not unexpected, but also exciting…right? Of course, think of the potential for technology to improve the lives of millions of people, arrest the progress of global warming, develop alternative energy sources, the list goes on, but what does it mean to spatial professionals and what will drive it?

If you are a spatial professional, or you work with spatial data, on thing is sure, you need to be ready, not next year, next month or next week, but now. If you are not adopting and adapting to the ever-changing technological environment, you should have a very real fear of missing out, one thing is sure, your competitors are already there, and you should be too. Mass data and the cloud are here, and you need to be a part of it.

However, as anyone who has worked with point cloud data can attest, it often comes with challenges. Spatial mass data specialists are often managing massive data sets, typically requiring specialised hardware and software, moreover that software will require specialised skill, knowledge, and training.

For organisations working with point cloud data in this manner the result can often be siloed or isolated data sets, multiple requests for the same data, both internally amongst colleagues, and externally from clients, leading to an absence of effective collaboration and a loss of efficiency.

There is a better way to create and manage single-source-of-truth datasets, with limitless data handling, seamless visualisation, no requirement for specialised hardware or software and minimal training. Peter Drucker famously said, "If you want something new, you must stop doing something old." And that is the reality of the point cloud cloud.

The benefit of an online system is multi-layered; there is a significant saving in time, employees are upskilled faster, clients are distributed data quicker expediting ROI costs. A single-source-of-truth platform helps project and data consolidation within an intelligent data management system and enables you to scale your business when you need while exploiting the availability and flexibility of 24/7 anywhere access – have internet – have data!


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Friday, 22 October 2021

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