Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get a Free account ?
A. Please sign up here and follow the steps to login to your account. When logged in, you can see the option to select your Free Plan. There are some limitations such as file formats, file size, sharing permission and 3D model formats. Please visit Pricing page for more details.
Q2. How to get a 14-day free trial?
Q3. What file formats are supported?
Q4. What payment methods are accepted?
Q5. What browsers and platforms are supported?
Q6. What is the recommended point cloud format to upload?
Q7. Which web browsers are recommended?
Q8. Do I need a plug-in to run the software?
Q9. Can I cancel my subscription?
Q10. How do I report a bug?
Q11. Can I add storage and bandwidth to a current subscription?
Q12. What is Guest User?
Q13. What is the difference between inviting a Guest User and Sharing a project link?
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