About US

Point Share Plus is an industry leading Online Point Cloud Platform

Point Share Plus is the logical choice to when it comes to Storing, Viewing, Analysing and Sharing limitless point cloud data sets. 

Store, View, Analyse and Share LiDAR data captured by Terrestrial, Mobile and Airborne systems and point clouds produced from Photogrammetry and any other hardware or software system that can generate point cloud data.

Who We Are

Point Share Plus was established in 2018 and has developed into an industry leading Online Point Cloud Storage, Viewing, Analysis and Collaboration platform. 

For more information, please see our company Timeline page.

Purposefully and ingeniously designed by two of our co-founders, Majid Doost and Nat Marsden, Point Share Plus is built on the power of Potree (Credit to Markus Schütz and the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms, TU Wien) with our own unique application of cloud architecture and other tools. Designed to provide efficient and effective delivery of limitless point cloud data sets in a user friendly, intuitive, accessible scalable and secure online platform.

Where We Come From

A team of geospatial professionals, our management team has extensive experience in all aspects of surveying, mass data capture and processing and business leadership.

What We Do

We work extensively with surveyors, architects, engineers, and construction professionals, and we have most recently worked with industry leading hydrographic, mining, civil engineering and educational institutions.

What We Have Achieved

In 2020, Point Share Plus was a recipient of The Surveyors’ Trust – Intellectual Property Award. The award was recognition of the great work undertaken by founding team

The Surveyors' Trust had this to say when handing out the award. 

"In Recognition of the development of your platform and its role in the spatial industry" 

Click the link below to view The Surveyors' Trust Conversations - Interview with Point Share Plus.

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