Our Services

View your Pointcloud data without any special software or plugin

There are various viewing and navigation tools available through PointShare+ which help the user to have a better understanding of the project context.

Keep your Pointcloud data safe and available anywhere anytime

With PointShare+, we provide a safe cloud base platform to host your pointcloud data, making it available anywhere anytime around the globe.

Share your pointcloud data within or beyond your organisation

Sharing pointcloud data gives access to any party who is involved in your project, eliminating the need for site visits, surveys and inspections, resulting in massive cost reductions. As the data owner you can define different access levels to different users.

Use PointShare+ Enterprise for your organisation to manage your large spatial data more efficiently.

Through Enterprise service, the companies can acquire a PointShare subdomain under their company name (e.g. company1.pointshareplus.com) and access the portal through this subdomain. Moreover, companies can also assign their custom subdomain such as PointCloud.YourCompany.com. You can create teams and collaborations via inviting other members or companies as users in your enterprise portal. The users and collaborations can have their own logo / avatar and colour themes. This would be an option for companies who want to mange and share their point cloud and 3D models within their organisation more efficiently and professionally.